Fixed Louvres

Fixed Louvres

Fixed Aluminium Louvre Awnings offer total convenience. The louvre panels are angled to offer the best compromise between sun protection, cooling breezes and views.

With the Fixed Awning you have the option of 45 or 60 degree angle panels. Choose 60 degree angle for higher sun protection (more closed). Choose 45 degree angle for less sun protection but more view and breezes (more open).  Note that the 60 degree angle panels are standard.

The Fixed is a cheaper alternative to the Adjustable as there are less components and no moving parts.

This awning is extremely popular as it’s an extremely cost effective way to shield your windows from that harsh summer sun. This will keep the interior of your home cool and your furnishings safe from damage from the suns harsh uv rays.

Aluminium is designed not to rust so is a great option for our harsh coastal conditions. Be wary of cheap imitations which are made from mild steel and will not stand the test of time.

The Fixed Aluminium Louvre Awning like the Adjustable is available in a range of traditional and modern colours to suit any home.

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