Spring Operated Locking Arm Awning

Spring Operated Locking Arm Awning

The Fabric Awnings/Outdoor Blinds are easily our most popular awning for providing shade protection over windows. These great looking awnings are extremely functional and will add value to your home.

This is a spring control awning / outdoor blind and can be adjusted up and down to the position you require by moving the lock arm up and down on the side guides. This is done by hand.

Standard options include gold pacified side guides, arms and brackets. Optional upgrade includes stainless steel brackets, sides guides and either aluminium or stainless steel arms depending on the style of fitting.
The Awnings / Outdoor Blinds are also available with a pelmet if fitting in an exposed position.

This awning is available with any of our fabrics such as sunscreens, acrylics and canvas.

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